• Animated Office 365 icon concepts

    Animated Office 365 icon concepts

    You all know the new Office 365 icons, right? But have you seen an animated version of those icons yet? I haven’t, so I decided to create a few concepts on my own. My source for the designs are from the official Microsoft article which you can find here. So let’s give you an overview of the designs I created: Word Outlook SharePoint Yammer Excel OneDrive PowerPoint OneNote Skype Microsoft Teams But first, the following animated designs are only a concept from me and I am not a designer by any means. As you might know, I’m a tech guy

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  • A Modern Intranet and the Chamber of Teamwork

    A Modern Intranet and the Chamber of Teamwork

    Welcome back to my series about the modern intranet. Long time no see, I know. This time we’re opening the door to the chamber of teamwork with Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t used Microsoft Teams before and you want to get an overview, you can check my articles from the series “Mastering common challenges in Office 365” and read part four and six to get insights on Microsoft Teams. In this article we are building our next part for the modern intranet and combining Microsoft Teams with the services from the previous article, a modern intranet and the sorcerer’s conflict. News

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