• Don’t delete the default library

    Don’t delete the default library

    The title is not the most catchy one, but the default library is super important. If you’re not interested why you shouldn’t delete the default documents library in your SharePoint site, but always wondered if you should delete it or not, you’re already done. Don’t delete it. Seriously, no joke, don’t delete it 🙂 You get it in a few minutes. The why gets answered in the following parts. For the reason, take a few minutes and learn why you shouldn’t delete it. Essential part – The library When you create, let’s say a team site or communication site in

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  • Take care of your digital environment

    Take care of your digital environment

    This is the concept for a handout / infographic / one-pager regarding your digital environment. Take care of it, there are many easy tips you can use, to make it better! You can download the high resolution files below as JPG and PDF file. In addition, I’m able to share the Figma file with you if needed. You find my all my flyers / one-pagers / infographics on my dedicated infographic page. The direct link to learn more about the Azure identity secure score is: https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/active-directory/fundamentals/identity-secure-score I hope this flyer makes you more aware of your digital environment and you

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