• User Activity Based O365 Group Renewal (DE/EN)

    User Activity Based O365 Group Renewal (DE/EN)

    Managing an Office 365 Group wasn’t the easiest task so far, but with user activity based renewal, we’re heading into the right direction. Microsoft has listened to us (the community) and offers now a new feature where we can give more power to our users. That’s also what their slogan is all about, right? In this article the English version is the first, but below that, you’ll find the German version. If you are interested in my series about “A Modern Internet” (In Hogwarts-Style), you can check that out here! So what is it? Well, let’s answer it with an

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  • Microsoft Forms Pro Overview

    Microsoft Forms Pro Overview

    This is the concept for a quick overview of the pro version of Microsoft Forms as handout / infographic / one-pager. You can download the high resolution files below as JPG, PDF and PNG file. In addition, I’m able to share the Figma file with you if needed. You find my all my flyers / one-pagers / infographics on my dedicated infographic page. If you want to get started with Microsoft Forms, I wrote a two parted series on AvePoint’s Blog. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. Hope this overview creates some interested in the product,

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