• 5 attributes of successful teams

    5 attributes of successful teams

    How to build a successful team? Well, a question which becomes more and more relevant these days and Microsoft (Jared Spataro) has published some great things about this. You can find the article about it on the Microsoft 365 blog or by clicking here. As I am someone who likes to see such key attributes instead of only reading about it, I created an infographic for that article and it’s 5 attributes. You can also download the infographic above by just clicking the following button: Also in the linked article above, you find 5 short customer success stories from various

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  • Ignite 2019 Summary Poster (EN/DE)

    Ignite 2019 Summary Poster (EN/DE)

    Just a super short one this week, but at least in English and German. 🙂 Check the poster to get the Ignite 2019 Book of News PDF or use the links below the poster. English Ignite Summary Poster: You can find the Book of News directly here and my article about Jeff Teper’s session here. Also in the Book of News, you find a foreword by Frank Shaw. Here a short segment of it: We have so much news this Ignite about Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, Security, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing that we could fill a book

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  • Pimp Your SharePoint View

    Pimp Your SharePoint View

    We know, that a huge portion of making people fall in love with a new tool is the look of it. Some like it in this color, others in that etc. – The same is for managing documents and if you are using Microsoft SharePoint, you have a ton of options to make it look “fancy” and create a great view. I also know, that looks are not important to everyone and that “one look” doesn’t suit all, but with the following 3 tips, I’m sure, that at least one is something for you. Build-In formatting the view You can

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  • Ignite 2019 SharePoint Summary

    Ignite 2019 SharePoint Summary

    Let’s face it, Microsoft Ignite is the conference which get’s us excited but also sometimes a little bit overwhelmed. That’s what this article is for. I will show you my favorite parts so far mainly from the Office 365 space like SharePoint and collaboration services. This article is a summary from Jeff Teper’s session called “The latest innovations in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office for content collaboration in Microsoft 365” which is now also available on demand here. I highly recommend you tune in. You find also in the article timestamps from the video if you just want to watch a

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