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These two terms are often unclear and not everybody is aware of the details or the differences. That’s why I partnered up with the one and only Darren Kitchen, founder of Hak5 to help you guys bring light into the security darkness. I’m also very happy to present this infographic / poster / one-pager again in German & English as a free download.

Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every 3 – 6 months.

Clifford Stoll – Astronomer and Engineer

Above all, The Versus is for you, the reader. Please share your feedback and reach out via Twitter or LinkedIn. Firstly, you can propose new ideas which are featured here. Secondly, the more feedback, the better the overall content gets. Thirdly and most importantly, we can engage as a community. Maybe we can even have a digital group hangout as a community in the future.

This is the series where I try to cover the what, why, how, who and when. You find all my The Versus graphics like WAF versus EDR or XDR versus SIEM and the latest SaaS versus PaaS on my page here, or just by clicking The Versus in the top navigation. Enough now… I am super excited, proud, and happy to present: Blackhat versus Whitehat

English Edition

Blackhat versus Whitehat - English
Blackhat versus Whitehat – English

German Edition

Blackhat Versus Whitehat German
Blackhat versus Whitehat – German

Like & Win 100$

For the very first time, you were able to win something. Thanks to Darren and the whole Hak5 team, I was able to give back to you with a 100$ gift code to shop for the latest security tools from their shop. You might have seen some of the tools on the show Mr. Robot like the Rubber Ducky.

The winner was picked and it is Raphael Black Wolf. He liked to post on Facebook! I already reached out to him and I hope we will find out what he will get from those awesome products.

Free download of Blackhat versus Whitehat infographic

Get the English high-resolution image as free download here and the English PDF edition as free download here.

The German high-resolution image is available as free download here and the German PDF edition is available here.

In case you want a custom version, reach out via social or mail. Why? Well, you could use it e.g. your internal IT Marketing.

You are here for Microsoft news?

Well, then my Microsoft Roadmap Roundup podcast is for you. In only ~3-4 minutes, you get a weekly flashback on what happened on Microsoft’s roadmap. That’s the goal of season 2. Available in German & English here and also everywhere you can listen to podcasts.

That’s it for this first infographic of The Versus, stay healthy and see you soon. Don’t be afraIT!

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