• WAF versus EDR

    WAF versus EDR

    The Versus. This is my new article series where we take a look at two similar terms or two terms that get often confused. This time it is WAF and EDR, again two security terms but we are also taking a look at other topics. This time, I was able to collaborate again with Senior Program Manager, Heike Ritter and I’m happy to present this infographic / poster / one-pager in German, English and thanks to André Ruschel in Portuguese as a free download for you guys. I highly recommend taking a look into the dedicated “The Versus site” where you find

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  • Office 365 Drama Vol. 3 – Am I secure?

    Office 365 Drama Vol. 3 – Am I secure?

    In this episode, Emma and a few other colleagues are scared as they did something not too secure. After Office 365 Drama Vol. 2 – Hand up, hand down and my very first edition Office 365 Drama Vol. 1 – Team up, the drama is back. The Office 365 drama. I’m super happy to present you guys with the third episode of my Office 365 Drama Comic. If you want to create a custom comic, just reach out. You can also download the full comic for free below as a PDF. Download the full comic Get the high resolution full

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  • XDR versus SIEM

    XDR versus SIEM

    XDR and SIEM. These two terms are often unclear and not everybody is aware of the benefits of these two. That’s why I again partnered up with Sr. Program Manager, Heike Ritter from Microsoft to help you guys bring light into the security darkness. I’m also very happy to present this infographic/poster/one-pager again in German, English, and thanks to André Ruschel in Portuguese as a free download for you guys. This is part of my new series called The Versus, where I try to cover the what, why, how, who, and when. You find all my The Versus graphics like

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  • Ignite 2019 Security Summary

    Ignite 2019 Security Summary

    It is never too late for a security summary, right? That’s what I thought as well and as my brand name implies “Don’t be afraid of IT” = afraIT, security comes to mind. So let’s see what Microsoft is up to and how we can benefit from those features. Therefore, I will cover in this article the session Microsoft Security for your entire environment from this years Microsoft Ignite conference. It was the Security Opener Session and if you want to watch the session, you are able to do so here. This session was presented by Rob Lefferts (Corporate Vice

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  • Security and Compliance Center Series Part 3

    Security and Compliance Center Series Part 3

    Hey there! Welcome to my Security and Compliance Center Series. If you want to start with Part 1 and Part 2 you can check them out to get going. In this part we will cover the following topics: Content Search and eDiscovery Case Management Activity Alerting Office 365 Cloud App Security Multi-Factor Authentication If you have a topic which I haven’t covered and you want to see an article, let me know via Twitter or in the comments below. You are looking for more series? Then check my Master common challenges in Office 365 series where I talk about PowerShell, OneDrive,

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  • Security and Compliance Center Series Part 2

    Security and Compliance Center Series Part 2

    Welcome back to part two of the 3-part-series about Security and Compliance Center. In case you missed part one you should check that out to make sure you have everything set for the following topics: In-Place Archiving Data Loss Prevention Advanced Threat Protection GDPR / DSGVO If you haven’t checked out my most ridiculous use of Office 365 tools for a simple survey and you want to smile… Check out that article #MicrosoftFormsIsEnterpriseReady 🙂 It is available in German and English. This article is written in collaboration with Cian from Office 365 Ninjas. If you want us to work more

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  • Security and Compliance Center Series Part 1

    Security and Compliance Center Series Part 1

    Welcome to the Security and Compliance Center Series. This is part 1 of a 3-part series. At the bottom you find the next topics for part 2. In this series we will look at the following topics: Configure your Office 365 Tenant Retention and Deletion Policy Labels and Label Policy Supervision Policy As you see this first part is all about policies. I highly recommend that you go through this article step by step. It just makes way more sense in the end. If you have any questions don’t be afraIT to comment or write me at Twitter. If you

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