• OneDrive versus SharePoint

    OneDrive versus SharePoint

    Who can really describe the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint? Let’s face it, IT-people. At best. To help you answer the questions and to share it with your employees I created this “The Versus” edition for OneDrive versus SharePoint. I’m happy to present this infographic / poster / one-pager in German and English as a free download for you guys. I highly recommend looking into the dedicated “The Versus site” where you find all comparisons so far like XDR versus SIEM or Blackhat versus Whitehat. If you want to have a version with your logo just check my contact page for that.

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  • Schedule News in SharePoint

    Schedule News in SharePoint

    Publishing news is great, but without scheduling the news, it gets complicated fast. In the past, we did some things with a column called “PromotedState” and made it somewhat work. It was always a workaround and not a solution. And yeah, to me those two terms are different. Anyway… we got an official solution to schedule news now, from Microsoft! Activate the schedule feature For this article, we are using my old Hogwarts Training Center Site. We’re logged in as Albus Dumbledore who is Site Owner of and has Full Control on this site. In case you don’t have a quick link to your Pages library

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  • SharePoint Poster Pitstop

    SharePoint Poster Pitstop

    This post was a little different. You guys liked my infographics, one-pagers and posters. That’s why I created some for Microsoft SharePoint’s Roadmap Pitstops. I called them “Poster Pitstop” 🙂 The intention was that you could take these posters below and use them for your end-user communication. For instance, if you already have an intranet platform, you can write most likely news, right? So you were able to use the poster for the respective month and tell your audience what is new in your portal. This article has come to an end, and is not receiving any updates. Why? Well,

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  • SharePoint spaces

    SharePoint spaces

    Welcome back and welcome one of my favorite categories. The infographics. Also combined with my true love… Microsoft SharePoint 🙂 In Jeff Tepers SharePoint Session from Ignite 2019, we saw again a glimpse into the future and what it might look like. The currently called SharePoint spaces If you want to see the images from that session, just click here to revisit my Session Summary article. Not only you find there some information but also with the infographic below and on the dedicated website for it: exploresharepointspaces.com you get a glimpse into a possible future. How to activate your SharePoint

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  • The Intrazone Logo Concepts

    The Intrazone Logo Concepts

    Over the weekend I tried again a few new things. I’ve checked out Adobe XD as I used Figma for quite some time now and that evolved into a little logo design project for The Intrazone. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Microsoft is advertising the show like this: The Intrazone is your bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the SharePoint team. The show highlights usage, adoption, and how SharePoint works for you. You’ll hear from guest experts behind the scenes and out in the field. It’s all about how SharePoint fits into your everyday work life – the

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  • Move with Mover worldwide

    Move with Mover worldwide

    First things first, what is Mover? It is a Cloud-based file migration and storage platform. It supports migration from over a dozen cloud service providers – including Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, and Google Drive – into OneDrive and SharePoint, enabling seamless file collaboration across Microsoft 365 apps and services, including the Office apps and Microsoft Teams. The Mover team also brings deep expertise and migration technology, which advances Microsoft’s commitment to providing organizations of all sizes with the right tools, people and partners to successfully migrate to the Microsoft Cloud. – Source Microsoft If you are not into migration-stuff, go check

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  • Pimp Your SharePoint View

    Pimp Your SharePoint View

    We know, that a huge portion of making people fall in love with a new tool is the look of it. Some like it in this color, others in that etc. – The same is for managing documents and if you are using Microsoft SharePoint, you have a ton of options to make it look “fancy” and create a great view. I also know, that looks are not important to everyone and that “one look” doesn’t suit all, but with the following 3 tips, I’m sure, that at least one is something for you. Build-In formatting the view You can

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  • Ignite 2019 SharePoint Summary

    Ignite 2019 SharePoint Summary

    Let’s face it, Microsoft Ignite is the conference which get’s us excited but also sometimes a little bit overwhelmed. That’s what this article is for. I will show you my favorite parts so far mainly from the Office 365 space like SharePoint and collaboration services. This article is a summary from Jeff Teper’s session called “The latest innovations in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office for content collaboration in Microsoft 365” which is now also available on demand here. I highly recommend you tune in. You find also in the article timestamps from the video if you just want to watch a

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  • Don’t delete the default library

    Don’t delete the default library

    The title is not the most catchy one, but the default library is super important. If you’re not interested why you shouldn’t delete the default documents library in your SharePoint site, but always wondered if you should delete it or not, you’re already done. Don’t delete it. Seriously, no joke, don’t delete it 🙂 You get it in a few minutes. The why gets answered in the following parts. For the reason, take a few minutes and learn why you shouldn’t delete it. Essential part – The library When you create, let’s say a team site or communication site in

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  • SharePoint – a little different

    SharePoint – a little different

    This is the concept for a little different SharePoint flyer / handout / infographic regarding Hub Sites for your end users. You can download the high resolution files below as JPG, PDF and PNG file. In addition, I’m able to share the Figma file with you if needed. You find my all my flyers / one-pagers / infographics on my dedicated infographic page. Hope this can help you out. Until the next one, don’t be afraIT.

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