• Add Links to Promoted Actions (en)

    Add Links to Promoted Actions (en)

    Promoted Action Links (e.g. Share, Follow, SYNC and EDIT) are displayed under the normally blue Delta Suitebar (Skydrive, Sites and Newsfeed). If you want to add a link you have to overwrite the Promoted Actions Delegate Control and publish the solution to your farm. I don’t know any out of the box way to do this, so please follow the stepby-step guide below. 1. Create a new SharePoint 2013 projekt (1) and give it the name: PromotedActions_Sample (2).   2. Publish it as an farm solution   3. Add a new element. a. Right click on the project (1) b.

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  • Add Links to Promoted Actions (de)

    Add Links to Promoted Actions (de)

    Promoted Action Links (z.B. Share,Follow,SYNC,EDIT) werden unterhalb der im Standardfall blauen Delta Suitebar (SkyDrive,Sites,NewsFeed) angezeigt. Um einen Link hinzuzufügen muss das Promoted Actions Delegate Control überschrieben werden und die Lösung in der Farm bereitgestellt werden. Mir ist kein “Out of the box” Weg bekannt um Links hinzuzufügen, daher machen wir das eben so:   1. In Visual Studio erstelle ein neues leeres SharePoint 2013 Projekt (1) und vergib den Namen: PromotedActions_Sample (2).   2. Veröffentliche es als Farmlösung   3. Füge eine neues Element hinzu. a. Rechtsklick auf das Projekt (1) b. Hinzufügen (2) c. Neues Element (3)   4.

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  • Display all checked out files from current user (en)

    Display all checked out files from current user (en)

    This post should help you to get all the checked out documents of the current user. I will show you how to display them in an Content Search web part for the entire Site Collection. 1. You need to create a new Managed Property in your Search Schema. 2. Open you SharePoint Central Administration and under your Search Service click on Search Schema. 3. Click on New Managed Property 4. You need to configure the settings here like in the picture below. a. Property name (1): I typed in “CheckedOutByUser” (to find it later easily) b. Description (2): Not needed

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  • Calculator in Searchbox (en)

    Calculator in Searchbox (en)

    First save these there files to your computer. Then upload them to your SharePoint.   I uploaded the Item_calculator.html here: http://sp13/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Calculator.html And the style.css & script.js here: http://sp13/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/calc/style.css http://sp13/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/calc/script.js   IMPORTANT: Check the lines 14,34 and 35 in the Item_Calculator.html to make sure, that your uploaded files are really in that place. You don’t have to change anything in the style.css and script.js to get the calculator work.   After that you have to create a Query Rule. I did that like this: 1. Open SharePoint Central Administration and click on “Manage Service Application”. 2. Click on Search

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  • Custom title for event in SharePoint calendar (de / en)

    Custom title for event in SharePoint calendar (de / en)

    Ich hatte das Problem, dass der Titel eines Events normalerweise aus dem Datum und dem Titel besteht. Mein Ziel war es, dass der Titel aus der Person und der Aufgabe besteht. Somit eine kleine wenn doch feine Änderung die die Userakzeptanz deutlich erhöhte… Was solch kleine Änderungen doch bewirken können… Also, was ist schnell und einfach? Ein SharePoint Designer Workflow. EN: I faced the problem, that the title of an event in the calendar is by default (date + title) all in one line. My goal here was to display the person in the event + the value of the current item

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