• How to create your first 2013 workflow (de / en)

    How to create your first 2013 workflow (de / en)

    I will give here you a step by step guide how to create your first SharePoint Designer 2013 Worfklow. Lets go, (Pictures in German), but it tried to write it for english too:   1. Go to your site and click on “Websiteinhalte” (Site Contents) and then click on “App hinzufügen” (add an app) 2. Next under the section “Beachtenswert” (Noteworthy) click on “Benutzerdefinierte Liste” (Custom List) (1). Then type in a name for the list (2) and click on “Erstellen” (Create) (3). 3. You will now get redirected to the “Websiteinhalte” (Site Contents). Click now on the title or

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  • News solution over multiple sites (en)

    News solution over multiple sites (en)

    Don’t waste time. Go! (Pictures are in German, if you want them in english as well, let us know)! Requirement: Each team / teamsite (http://sp13/teams/it) should have the option to create a news element. This element has the option where it should be shown. The user has to select this via a dropdown with the values: Workspace (sp13/teams/information-technology-workspace) Teamübergreifend (sp13/teams/information-technology-workspace) + (sp13/teams) Shout (sp13/teams/information-technology-workspace) + (sp13/teams) + (sp13/) Also each element has to have it’s own pictureURL + pictureURLFavicon field value depending on the department. This should be filled out automatically. Futhermore I need the shout items in one list

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  • Workflow to concatenate multiple fields (en)

    Workflow to concatenate multiple fields (en)

    This will be a not a real blog post. I think it will be more like a storybook 🙂 So, how to concat to variables or fields? Just follow the pictures and use SharePoint Designer. Create a list with the Columns Title (default) and Description: Next open SharePoint Designer 2013 and create a 2013 Listworkflow for the just created list. In this Workflow I created different variables. I called the just “Var” and a number. Click under Action onto “Set Workflow Variable” and the shown in (1) type in the name and click on OK (2). Then I selected under Action

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  • Custom title for event in SharePoint calendar (de / en)

    Custom title for event in SharePoint calendar (de / en)

    Ich hatte das Problem, dass der Titel eines Events normalerweise aus dem Datum und dem Titel besteht. Mein Ziel war es, dass der Titel aus der Person und der Aufgabe besteht. Somit eine kleine wenn doch feine Änderung die die Userakzeptanz deutlich erhöhte… Was solch kleine Änderungen doch bewirken können… Also, was ist schnell und einfach? Ein SharePoint Designer Workflow. EN: I faced the problem, that the title of an event in the calendar is by default (date + title) all in one line. My goal here was to display the person in the event + the value of the current item

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