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Change Label of lists and libraries en title
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Long time no see. But here is a great tip for you guys.

Sometimes it is really helpful when you are creating a custom list or library and the “new item” is called the way you like and not as the default one.
In this example you will see in a 4 steps how to change the “new item” and the tooltip label of your list.



First go to your site assets library within the page of the list or library and upload the script.
Just take the following script, save it in as .txt file and upload it.

<script type="text/javascript">
		document.querySelector("#idHomePageNewItem").title = "Add a new project to this list";
		document.querySelector("#idHomePageNewItem span:nth-child(2)").textContent = "New Project";


Then go back to your list, edit the page and add an content editor to your site.


Edit the webpart, add the url of your uploaded text file and click on “OK”.



After that you should directly see the change. Last but not least click in the ribbon under site on “Stop Editing”.


That’s it. Easy, fast and an improved user satisfaction.
If you have questions don’t be afraIT to ask in the comment section and make sure to subscribe at Facebook and Twitter.

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