Do you speak Microsoft Teams?

Do you speak Microsoft Teams

No matter if you just started using Microsoft Teams or you’re a pro, there are many new words and terms when using Microsoft Teams. This is a short article where you find resources to look up many of those used words.

We’ve been there, or at least I have… Time to give a short intro to another person and the pure amount of new words is dazzling on their heads. Team, Channel, Channel-Tabs, Conversations, Files, Notes, Groupchat, Apps, Pin, Unpin, Sticker, etc. and their response:

No, thanks! That’s freaky.

I also have heard that Microsoft doesn’t help users and companies to introduce new technology. If you would’ve asked me a few years ago, I would’ve said the same thing, but since Microsoft Teams, a lot has changed.

Where to start?

It is also easy to get completely overwhelmed when you’re looking for training material on that internet. I recommend you start at

This is one pleasing and good looking site for sure

This is kind of the hub for training material in regards to Microsoft Teams. 🙂 Not only this, but you also find some great tips and tricks for Teams where you can select from the app, role or task.

Easy to understand, but sometimes already “outdated”

One important thing here: Microsoft Teams receives updates like almost no other Microsoft product. That’s great, but also difficult, as for the example above. The explanation is already “outdated”. You don’t need to type an @ before mentioning someone. It works even without that.

If you need a quick-start-guide, Microsoft got you covered there as well. Either go to or just click this link to get the PDF you can use for your users.

At you find another training overview. Choose admin, instructor-led or end-user to find the right material for the selected target group.

People to check out

As mentioned, the internet is full of great articles and people when taking Microsoft Teams. If you have Twitter or LinkedIn, I recommend you follow a few people to see what they’re up to and also to be up-to-date on the latest features. Here 8 people/accounts I recommend following:

There are obviously more people to follow, but these are people or accounts just popping up in my head while I’m writing this. So please don’t be mad, if you’re not mentioned here.

Please, don’t be mad guys!

Even more Teams?

If you want to get some other inspiration about Microsoft Teams, you can simply search for Teams on my site, as I now finally have categories you can select on my blog. Or you just click here. Thanks as always for your time and until the next one,

don’t be afraIT

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