A new year means a new season! With that, I publish every Sunday this short-form podcast with my weekly highlights from Microsoft’s Roadmap. Sometimes, it also covers features from the message center.

Why still doing this podcast? After two seasons aka two years, I still do not like to watch or listen to 10-15 minute-long stuff about the roadmap. So, I continue my own version for like-minded people and of course, available in German & English

Für die deutschsprachigen Leser und Leserinnen

Da die Microsoft Roadmap nahezu täglich neues bietet, gibt es auch in der dritten Staffel jeden Sonntag eine neue Episode meines Podcasts. Genau so wie in der ersten und zweiten Staffel dauert jede Folge nur ~4 Minuten. Warum? Nun, ich bin noch immer kein großer Fan von 15 Minuten Videos oder Podcasts für so etwas. Zumal es da draussen nichts kürzeres gibt, erstelle ich es selbst & teile es mit euch, der Community.

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In addition, I’m still proud to tell you that my third season is again available on every major platform. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Anchor, and Pocket Casts. Above all, I really appreciate the great support from you guys. Most importantly, it’s still 100% free, so go ahead and tune in. With the options above, you can now easily listen to it while brewing your morning coffee or on your way to work.

Season 3 Episode 32 | August 1st – August 7th

After close to two years straight with my Microsoft Roadmap Roundup podcast, the plan was to take two weeks off, but I guess I just can’t leave you all without any updates. So today, it is not a podcast version. It is a post. The longer I was crafting this piece, though, the more I liked it, as it is so helpful to have all this information in one post together. Thinking of coming back to such posts or articles to find links to the roadmap item, status, and announcements and just to search for the feature you’re looking for. Let me know if you like it and if I should put this all together from now on into one post/article on my site here and on LinkedIn – So, if you’re interested in the latest from Microsoft’s roadmap, this week, you have to read, but with a lot of links to learn more for the stuff you’re interested in.

Starting with something exciting. Not a new feature but an updated public-facing website for all things in development for Microsoft Intune. This site is by Microsoft and provides a list of features in upcoming releases of Microsoft Intune to assist in your readiness and planning. The list has now been updated. If you have never heard of this site, like probably many out there, just search for “In development for Microsoft Intune” in your search engine to find the new and updated site or by clicking here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/fundamentals/in-development – I know this is not a feature from the roadmap, but it was shared this week as part of the Message Center.

To me, the most interesting one was a newly launched feature. Microsoft Viva: New module powered by Viva Goals – Currently rolling out and also ready for you to try: Microsoft Viva Goals connects employees to your organization’s goals. Microsoft says it helps them stay aligned at scale and drives business results to empower people and teams to understand their impact. Well, I just think to give Viva Goals a try. Check it out here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-viva/goals – To have goals is something good and healthy. You can use it as a standalone web application or directly from inside Teams and our other integrations. #FeatureID #82188 #RollingOut

Next, kind of new, but more like a little update: Microsoft Teams: Native Apple Silicon Support – Planned for September, Microsoft Teams will come as a Universal Binary, so it runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon based Mac devices. I’m still unsure if that is taking the full benefit of Apple Silicon, though, but time will tell. I will make an in-depth comparison between Intel and M2 when it’s ready. Also shared by Jeff Teper here with more information: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jeffteper_announcing-microsoft-teams-optimized-for-activity-6960657032165146624-7CI3 #FeatureID #94836 #InDevelopment

New on the roadmap and planned for August: Microsoft Viva: Recurring time booking for breaks, message catch up, and learning in Viva Insights – Users with a Viva Insights subscription will see invitations to enroll in plans to automatically book recurring time for learning, breaks, and message catch up in briefing email and Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams. I think a nice touch but nothing huge. #FeatureID #93424 #InDevelopment

For most of us, one of the really big ones: Microsoft Teams: Pairing the channel and the corresponding SharePoint folder name – This feature is now here. The corresponding SharePoint folder is renamed when renaming a Teams channel and reflects the new name. This will help create consistency across Microsoft 365 endpoints, making it easier to find files from anywhere. This new feature will be available for all Standard and Private channels. For Standard channels – The corresponding folder in SharePoint will be renamed. For Private channels – The corresponding site name and the folder in SharePoint will be renamed. For legacy Teams channels that were renamed before this rollout, there will be no change in experience. When a legacy channel is renamed after this release, it will simultaneously rename the corresponding SharePoint folder. Finally! Nothing more to add here. #FeatureID #82188 #Launched

Also ready since this week: Microsoft Search: People-centric search in SharePoint and Office.com – The people-centric search is a pattern that lets us zoom in on a person to view, explore, and search the enterprise graph around them. This dual purpose is to enable us to find content through people and understand them through their content. When you pick a person, you can search through their work; however, this will only include items you already have permission to view or modify. In the jungle of content, I often remember how I was working on a piece of content. This makes it easier to find that piece of information. I like it. #FeatureID #68783 #Launched

A new feature that seems very much like a piece of Viva Engage aka Storyline: Microsoft Teams: Video clip – This is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that enables the user to record, review, send and view short, lightweight video messages in Teams chat from desktop and mobile. Interesting to see. My guess: It’s the needed foundation to enable the Storyline and Stories feature in Viva Engage coming in September. I hope. #FeatureID #97158 #InDevelopment

Finishing with another Microsoft Teams feature now launched: Microsoft Teams: Teams Q&A – By enabling Q&A to any Teams Webinars or Meetings through Meeting Options, Meeting Organizers can now create either moderated or unmoderated Q&A experience. 100% needed and super useful for your town hall meetings. #FeatureID #97020 #Launched

This is it for this week. As mentioned, a little different. Let me know what you think. This way, I can cover more information and give you the chance to only look into the parts where you are interested. I think this has potential. I wish you all a great Sunday, and even though you can’t hear me, you know how to end an episode: Don’t be afraIT

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