Hello again,

almost one year without a new blog post. Finally I am back again with a whole new MAJOR topic about monitoring and troubleshooting Office 365! (Yeah, I know HIMYM)

I don’t think I have to start all over again and explain what Office 365 is, why Microsoft has chosen the “mobile first cloud first” strategy and all that stuff.

If you want to have blog posts about basics let me know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!

Some blog posts could be about:

  • How to setup your first tenant?
  • What are the different admin centers?
  • How to handle your licenses and users?
  • What is Azure AD Connect and how to set it up?

Anyway. In this first post I would like to help you to figure out the most important tools and pages I am for monitoring and troubleshooting Office 365.


First, the very good Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. This is either a webpage or the tool you can download and helps you not only with issues in your Office 365 environment, it helps you way beyond that. For example to troubleshoot pain points you are facing.

If you open the link above you find the tab “Office 365” and several things you can check on.

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 helps you directly on your client. You download the tool, you run it (similar Click-to-Run experience installation like Office 365 ProPlus) and you get a bunch of options you can test. Pretty easy to use, but also very good in my opinion.

2. Office 365 General Tests which are about Exchange DNS, Lync DNS and SSO

3. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity Tests. Well, yeah self explanation I guess.

4. Microsoft Exchange Web Services Connectivity Tests

5. Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests

6. Internet Email Tests

7. Free/Busy Test

There is also the Message Analyzer Tab where you can check you e.g. undeliverable mails you’ve received and even more.

In total, a very solid and very useful tool also get information about how things work. You get very detailed information and can really check on the parts you need. Definitely worth to check on it.


Next up is the Health section in the admin portal. THE monitoring in Office 365.

The first one there is the “Service health” where you can see how are you services feelings ☺ Treat them well and check on them once in a while. They treat you well most of the time. You can monitor the different services e.g. Exchange or SharePoint if there is something to do for you.

Next is the “Message center” which already has a big update on my tenant with now showing the major updates (I can’t help it, HIMYM in my head)

and the possibility to choose what you want to see and who should get notified.

A really cool update for the admin center from my point of view.


Last but definitely not least is the Security and Compliance center. Maaan, that thing can do a lot and helps you even more with monitoring!

I want to end everything about that right away, because there will be an separate blog post probably. Way to many great things there.

Alerts, content search, eDiscovery, audit log etc. Most of all a great admin center where you can do great stuff!


Wish you all a great Office 365 monitor experience and as always don’t be afraIT to comment below or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Hope you like seeing me again and also publishing new content for you. If you have wishes for a Office 365 blog post, let me know!


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