Adoption for the young or remained young. To be less afraid of IT. Making people smile. That’s what afraIT is all about and so a new idea has evolved into the Office 365 Drama comic book. In this first episode, Jack is helping his colleagues in the office to reduce the drama about Microsoft Teams.

I got already a few ideas about upcoming issues of my “Office 365 Drama” magazine, but this is something I would like to hear your feedback and ideas as well. Please let me know what you want to see in a possible next edition, let’s do this together! I created a survey just for your feedback. Only three questions and you would really do me a favor! You find it here! Enough written. Now, have fun with the first issue of Office 365 Drama!

If this is your first time visiting my brand “afraIT”, thank you for checking it out. You can find infographics, series about Office 365, Security & Compiance, the Modern Workplace and much more on here. If you have other ideas or you would like to see my take on something you could need, also let me know in the survey above. You can also hit me up on my social channels or via mail. Don’t be afraIT, right? 😉

Thank you again for all your support, I keep my brand add-free, don’t be afraIT. I hope this comic mad you smile a little and maybe it helps to get some people into the Microsoft universe. Check my Infographics if you like a graphical approach on adoption.


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