Adoption is the true hero and with a smile, it becomes even easier. That’s why I started my Office 365 Drama comic book. Even though not everybody liked my first edition, many of you liked it. Did you miss it? Go check it here: Office 365 Drama Vol. 1 – Team up

It took me a little over two months for his second version as it has many custom made stickers. Can you spot them? Let me know!

This episode is a woman-only version as we focused on Jack in the first one. Sue talks about the new “Hand raise” feature in Microsoft Teams which has it’s up’s and down’s as you will see. Also, the 3×3 video is a topic and why it’s helpful.

One question before I let you check the comic. Would you be interested in the “behind the scenes” of making my content? If you have two minutes, help me with your feedback, fill this Microsoft Forms and be part of this brand!

Thank you

If this is your first time visiting my brand “afraIT”, thank you for checking it out. You can find infographics, series about Office 365, Security & Compiance, the Modern Workplace, and much more on here. The Infographic Remote Work Checklist is also available in 9 languages or my top 9 tips for a successful video meeting. Also available in 5 languages, including German and Mundart. If you are looking for a Microsoft Teams Quickstart Guide in German including German pictures, you are also almost there. Just visit that article.

In case you have other ideas or you would like to see my take on something you could need, let me know. Also, you can hit me up on my social media channels or via mail. Don’t be afraIT, right? You can also give me feedback by filling this Microsoft Forms.

Hope you guys enjoy. Stay healthy and see you soon, don’t be afraIT!


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