So you have heard of something called Outlook Spaces or Project Moca? You wonder what that is and need a little overview? Well then, welcome 🙂 I created a little poster/infographic in German and English for you. You find it below and also if you scroll all to the end of this article you find something to never miss a new item on Microsoft’s roadmap. Just sayin 😉

And now, hope you enjoy my posters and they help you to get a little more insights on Outlook Spaces.


Outlook Spaces Poster – English


Outlook Spaces Poster – German

Download the posters?

Yes, you can download the posters/infographics. Just right-click one of them and open it in a new tab. From there, right-click the picture again and save the picture.

You want to try?

Well, just head to and give it a shot. For me, it’s currently “under construction”, but maybe you have a chance checking it out to pull together your documents, emails, and events using Outlook Spaces to become more efficient.

Outlook Spaces – For me, under construction

More Infographics?

The infographic/poster section is evolving more and more. Currently, this dedicated category has over 20 infographics. They even cover 2 comics and of course services like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Forms, Stream, Planner, and many more.

Check out my dedicated page for all those posters/infographics

Even more?

My latest installment is called Microsoft Roadmap Roundup and offers in only 2 minutes every Sunday obviously a roundup of Microsoft’s roadmap. Little Podcast, huge benefit! In other words, fully audio, again no ads, just pure news in a short amount of time. Available everywhere you can listen to podcasts or on my site here.

This was quite some work. Therefore, I hope you guys enjoy it and if you use it somewhere, please mention my site. Above all, stay healthy and see you soon, don’t be afraIT and share this article!



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