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Publishing news is great, but without scheduling the news, it gets complicated fast. In the past, we did some things with a column called “PromotedState” and made it somewhat work. It was always a workaround and not a solution. And yeah, to me those two terms are different. Anyway… we got an official solution to schedule news now, from Microsoft!

Activate the schedule feature

For this article, we are using my old Hogwarts Training Center Site. We’re logged in as Albus Dumbledore who is Site Owner of and has Full Control on this site.

Hogwarts Training Center

In case you don’t have a quick link to your Pages library (like in my case) just click on the gear (1) icon on your top right, click Site contents (2), and then click Site Pages (3).

Open your Site Pages

After you are in your Site Pages library you find a magical button on the top of that library. Scheduling (1). Click that button and enable the scheduling feature (2).

Activate Scheduling

That’s it, you’re now a Level 1 Magician… Whatever that means 🙂 Now you’re ready to schedule a news post. Just read on and you completed this magical feature.

Schedule a news post

Create a new post

You can create News posts in many different ways.

For this article, we are navigating back to our Hogwarts Training Center site. Obviously you head back to your home site…

Now, you click the New Button and from there you click News post.

You can then select a News template if you like to use one. To keep it Hogwarts based, we are creating our News post from scratch and therefore we are choosing the blank template and click on Create post on the bottom right on our screen.

After you’ve designed your news post, click Page details (1), and enable scheduling (2) on your right side. Set date & time and click on Schedule (3) on the top right of your news.

With that you made it. You scheduled your news. You can now lay back and relax watching your news post going live. I highly recommend making sure your whole organization knows who this feature works as especially for departments like Marketing or people working on a tight schedule, this feature is necessary.

Schedule your news post

That’s it! You’ve reached the final stage of your page-scheduling-magic-level.

More content

If you want to watch a video version of this, check out Giuliano De Luca’s profile here, his post talking about this feature here, or directly head to his YouTube video he created for this. Well done, Giuliano!

If you like to smile you can read my series “A Modern Intranet” with the parts “A Modern Intranet and the Sorcerer’s Conflict“, “A Modern Intranet and the Chamber of Teamwork” and “A Modern Intranet and the Magic Portion” on my site, but be aware, I wrote them in Spring of 2019. If you want to listen to something from more recently, check out my Mini-Podcast, called Microsoft Roadmap Roundup here. In ~2 Minutes you get a weekly overview in German or English.

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    • Solange das “Home App” noch nicht in Teams vorhanden ist, würde ich versuchen, dass Unternehmensnews auch an einem Ort zentral zu finden sind um nicht unnötig Themen zu vermischen. Somit, in SharePoint lassen. Wenn unbedingt auch in Teams aufrufbar, dann wohl als eingebundene SharePoint Seite und mit Highlighted Content Web Part dargestellt. Wär’ zumindest ad-hoc eine Idee. Funktioniert aber wohl auch nur eher in kleineren SharePoint Umgebungen die nicht all zu komplex sind. #StichwortHubSites

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