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Welcome back and welcome one of my favorite categories. The infographics. Also combined with my true love… Microsoft SharePoint 🙂

In Jeff Tepers SharePoint Session from Ignite 2019, we saw again a glimpse into the future and what it might look like. The currently called SharePoint spaces

If you want to see the images from that session, just click here to revisit my Session Summary article. Not only you find there some information but also with the infographic below and on the dedicated website for it: you get a glimpse into a possible future.

SharePoint Spaces
SharePoint Spaces

How to activate your SharePoint space?

  1. Head to the page where you want to create a space. If you don’t have one already, just create one for your space.
  2. Select Settings > Site information, and select View all site settings.
  3. On the Site settings page, click Manage site features. Scroll down to Spaces, and then select Activate.
  4. After you did that, head to your home page and click the + New, then click Spaces (Preview).

This is only the start for something amazing (at least that’s what I think), but also the beginning of a new chapter, so don’t be afraIT and stay tuned what I am up to. If you want to stay in touch with me, just follow me on Twitter, Facebook or my other social media.

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