• Colored Calendar weekend (en)

    Colored Calendar weekend (en)

    It is SHORTY-TIME! In this blog post I want to show you how you can modify you weekend in the calender view to make it more user friendly. Therefore we will make the weekend background grey. As most of the time we will start at the very first steps. Go to the site where you want to add your calender, click on Site Contents and then click on “add an app”. Under the heading “Apps you can add” select the Calendar. Give your calendar a name (I choose “Test Calendar”) and click on “Create”. Now you get redirected to your

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  • Color Calendar and Icons in 10 easy Steps (en)

    Color Calendar and Icons in 10 easy Steps (en)

    Let’s go! If you don’t have a calendar already, click on the cogwheel, site contents and then add an app.   2. Add a Calendar and give it a name. In this guide I took the name “Eventcalendar”.   3. Add a new column. You can do that in two different ways. Click on List Settings and then Create Column or directly like in the picure below:   4. This column will show the icon and the category of the events. In my case the name is “kind” and the choice values are: Fair, Release, Lecture and something else.   5.

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  • Progress bar in task list (en)

    Progress bar in task list (en)

    The out of the box look and feel of an task list could have been better. But there we can just use our favourite option. CSR = Client Side Rendering! We can get a great user experience if it looks like in the picutre below: And now how it works. Create a default tasklist and take the javascript below to get the progress bar: var taskSample = taskSample || {}; taskSample.CustomizeFieldRendering = function () { RegisterSod(‘hierarchytaskslist.js’, ‘/_layouts/15/hierarchytaskslist.js’); LoadSodByKey(‘hierarchytaskslist.js’, null); // Intialize the variables for overrides objects var overrideCtx = { Templates: { Fields: { ‘PercentComplete’: { ‘View’ : taskSample.PercentCompleteRendering } }

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