• Auto populate list column (en)

    Auto populate list column (en)

    How to create a list with different dropdown values and auto populate one of them on different sites? Check it out now. First create a list on an site of your choice. Click “Site Contents” and then “add an app”. Create a “Custom List” (1) and set a “Name” (2). Then click on “Create” (3). Next open the list and create a column. In the window, type in a column name (in the post I will explain this for the column “Team”). Select the “Choice (menu to choose from)” and set a few values. After that select “Drop Down Menu”

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  • Hide field with Powershell (en)

    Hide field with Powershell (en)

    You created a list with a bunch of columns. Great! Now you want to hide some of them in the NewForm or EditForm. Not so great. You can do it the quick and dirty way, open the form in SharePoint Designer, edit the form and delete the columns you don’t want to have in those forms. Well, there is a much better way of doing this. With Powershell. It is easier, faster and more comfortable if you want to see the columns you added after that in the form. With SharePoint Designer your form has to be finished. If you

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