• Read-Only field in forms 6 steps (en)

    Read-Only field in forms 6 steps (en)

    I will show you here how to set the priority field as read-only in your form. Pictures are in German, but in english there isn’t a huge difference. Everything will be done in just 6 steps! Here is the default view of an task list form without the read-only field: Open your list in SharePoint Designer. The fastest way is like in the following picture. 2. Create a new form. 3. I created a new form for new entries / items / tasks (be sure to give it a new name e.g. “CustomNewForm”, set it as a “newForm” and set

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  • Workflow to concatenate multiple fields (en)

    Workflow to concatenate multiple fields (en)

    This will be a not a real blog post. I think it will be more like a storybook 🙂 So, how to concat to variables or fields? Just follow the pictures and use SharePoint Designer. Create a list with the Columns Title (default) and Description: Next open SharePoint Designer 2013 and create a 2013 Listworkflow for the just created list. In this Workflow I created different variables. I called the just “Var” and a number. Click under Action onto “Set Workflow Variable” and the shown in (1) type in the name and click on OK (2). Then I selected under Action

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