• Hide field with Powershell (en)

    Hide field with Powershell (en)

    You created a list with a bunch of columns. Great! Now you want to hide some of them in the NewForm or EditForm. Not so great. You can do it the quick and dirty way, open the form in SharePoint Designer, edit the form and delete the columns you don’t want to have in those forms. Well, there is a much better way of doing this. With Powershell. It is easier, faster and more comfortable if you want to see the columns you added after that in the form. With SharePoint Designer your form has to be finished. If you

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  • Read-Only field in forms 6 steps (en)

    Read-Only field in forms 6 steps (en)

    I will show you here how to set the priority field as read-only in your form. Pictures are in German, but in english there isn’t a huge difference. Everything will be done in just 6 steps! Here is the default view of an task list form without the read-only field: Open your list in SharePoint Designer. The fastest way is like in the following picture. 2. Create a new form. 3. I created a new form for new entries / items / tasks (be sure to give it a new name e.g. “CustomNewForm”, set it as a “newForm” and set

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