• Auto populate list column (en)

    Auto populate list column (en)

    How to create a list with different dropdown values and auto populate one of them on different sites? Check it out now. First create a list on an site of your choice. Click “Site Contents” and then “add an app”. Create a “Custom List” (1) and set a “Name” (2). Then click on “Create” (3). Next open the list and create a column. In the window, type in a column name (in the post I will explain this for the column “Team”). Select the “Choice (menu to choose from)” and set a few values. After that select “Drop Down Menu”

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  • Display more than 3 views (en)

    Display more than 3 views (en)

    You build a lot of views but you always have the problem, that only three views are shown? I often had this question by my customers, so I thought this is interesting for everybody. Maybe you have four or more views, you want to show? No problem. We will fix that right now! Open the site with your library or list where you want to show more views. Edit the page and add an Script Editor. Click on EDIT SNIPPET And now paste the following script and click on Insert: <script type=”text/javascript”> ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(overrideSurfacePivotCount, ‘clienttemplates.js’); function overrideSurfacePivotCount() { ClientPivotControl.prototype.SurfacedPivotCount = 4;

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  • News solution over multiple sites (en)

    News solution over multiple sites (en)

    Don’t waste time. Go! (Pictures are in German, if you want them in english as well, let us know)! Requirement: Each team / teamsite (http://sp13/teams/it) should have the option to create a news element. This element has the option where it should be shown. The user has to select this via a dropdown with the values: Workspace (sp13/teams/information-technology-workspace) Teamübergreifend (sp13/teams/information-technology-workspace) + (sp13/teams) Shout (sp13/teams/information-technology-workspace) + (sp13/teams) + (sp13/) Also each element has to have it’s own pictureURL + pictureURLFavicon field value depending on the department. This should be filled out automatically. Futhermore I need the shout items in one list

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  • Upload .js files and link it to lists in 9 Steps (de / en)

    Upload .js files and link it to lists in 9 Steps (de / en)

    1. Auf der SharePoint Hauptseite die Websiteeinstellungen aufrufen. EN: Navigate to your SharePoint startpage and open the website settings.   2. Die Gestaltungsvorlagen öffnen EN: Then open the (Masterpages and page layouts) 3. Neue Javascript-Anzeigevorlage erstellen EN: Create a new Javascript-DisplayTemplate 4. Die .js Datei auswählen und auf OK klicken. Der Rest kann so beibehalten werden EN: Search for your .js file and click OK. Nothing else must be changed. 5. Nun die Einstellung an die untenstehenden anpassen. (Name, Titel, Beschreibung und Zielbereich könnte natürlich anders sein). Ausgeblendet, Zielsteuerelement-Typ und Eigenständig muss beibehalten werden. EN: Edit the settings like the

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  • Workflow to concatenate multiple fields (en)

    Workflow to concatenate multiple fields (en)

    This will be a not a real blog post. I think it will be more like a storybook 🙂 So, how to concat to variables or fields? Just follow the pictures and use SharePoint Designer. Create a list with the Columns Title (default) and Description: Next open SharePoint Designer 2013 and create a 2013 Listworkflow for the just created list. In this Workflow I created different variables. I called the just “Var” and a number. Click under Action onto “Set Workflow Variable” and the shown in (1) type in the name and click on OK (2). Then I selected under Action

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  • Custom new, edit or display form in 4 Steps (en)

    Custom new, edit or display form in 4 Steps (en)

    Here we go again. An afraIT Shorty! What’s it about? You want to create a custom new / display or edit form? No problem. Just follow these four easy Steps. 1. Go to the list where you want the new custom form and edit the form in SharePoint Designer.   Then create a new form (1), give it a name (2), select which kind of form (3), option to set it als default (4) and click ok (5).   Then open the newly created custom form in advanced mode (right click on the new form):   In my environment it

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  • Traffic light column in custom list (en)

    Traffic light column in custom list (en)

    The final output looks like:   If you want to get my icons you can get them here. The dropdown values of the column status are: I uploaded my traffic light icons here (http://sp13/teams/PublishingImages/Ampel/): (I guess your location is something different) Important: Don’t forget to publish them as a major version! In the picture below you can see, that there are 4 pictures saved as draft! Now save the Javascript below and upload it to your masterpage gallery and link it to a list like in my other post. If your column isn’t called “Status” you have to change this in

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