• Outlook Calendar Board View: Explained

    Outlook Calendar Board View: Explained

    To start explaining the Outlook calendar board view, we need to take a look into the history of this solution. A few years ago we came to notice something called Project Moca. As Microsoft has “boss-mode” activated for renaming products, we saw the next evolution on that with Outlook Spaces and now, the final product is called Outlook Calendar Board view. To be honest, I think Outlook boards would be enough but hey, who am I to judge, right? If someone is asking, what is Outlook Boards? I would answer: It is an infinite canvas where you can bring content

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  • Outlook Calendar Board View – Infographic

    Outlook Calendar Board View – Infographic

    So you have heard of something called Outlook Spaces or Project Moca? Now that’s called Outlook Calendar Board View. You wonder what that is and need a little overview? Well then, welcome 🙂 I created a little poster/infographic in German and English for you. You find it below and also if you scroll all to the end of this article you find the link to my full-detailed article explaining all the nitty-gritty details. And now, hope you enjoy my posters and they help you to get a little more insights on Outlook Calendar Board View. English German How does it

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  • Microsoft Teams – The New Engine

    Microsoft Teams – The New Engine

    This is the concept for the (from my point of view) new engine called Microsoft Teams as handout / infographic / one-pager. I think Microsoft is pushing hard into this direction and the recent numbers showed, that Microsoft Teams is in fact a huge motor / engine for overall cloud usage 🙂 You can download the high resolution files below as JPG, PDF and PNG file. In addition, I’m able to share the Figma file with you if needed. You find my all my flyers / one-pagers / infographics on my dedicated infographic page. I hope this graphic can help

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