• SharePoint spaces

    SharePoint spaces

    Welcome back and welcome one of my favorite categories. The infographics. Also combined with my true love… Microsoft SharePoint 🙂 In Jeff Tepers SharePoint Session from Ignite 2019, we saw again a glimpse into the future and what it might look like. The currently called SharePoint spaces If you want to see the images from that session, just click here to revisit my Session Summary article. Not only you find there some information but also with the infographic below and on the dedicated website for it: exploresharepointspaces.com you get a glimpse into a possible future. How to activate your SharePoint

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  • Teams City Infographic DE/EN

    Teams City Infographic DE/EN

    With all the new terms in Microsoft Teams, it is not that easy to remember everything. To help with that, I created an infographic with a few terms. The infographic is not working for everybody, I know that, but I also have a feeling that it is working for many. This whole topic is inspired by the tweet from Laurie Pottmeyer. If you’re not following her, do it now, then come back to the article 😉 The infographic is also available in German as over the last several posts many German-speaking people have noticed my brand. Thank you for that.

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