• XDR versus SIEM

    XDR versus SIEM

    XDR and SIEM. These two terms are often unclear and not everybody is aware of the benefits of these two. That’s why I again partnered up with Sr. Program Manager, Heike Ritter from Microsoft to help you guys bring light into the security darkness. I’m also very happy to present this infographic/poster/one-pager again in German, English, and thanks to André Ruschel in Portuguese as a free download for you guys. This is part of my new series called The Versus, where I try to cover the what, why, how, who, and when. You find all my The Versus graphics like

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  • This is SIEM

    This is SIEM

    In addition to my series “The Versus”, I thought it would be a good idea to simplify the terms like XDR, EDR and SIEM even more. So, this is “This is SIEM” I was able to redefine a few wordings here and there, plus I came up with a clean and modern design for this poster, similarly to This is XDR and This is EDR to make it clear that this is part of a series. Additionally, you can find the poster in German or English below. If you have an idea or a poster you wish for, let me

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