• Office 365 Drama Vol. 3 – Am I secure?

    Office 365 Drama Vol. 3 – Am I secure?

    In this episode, Emma and a few other colleagues are scared as they did something not too secure. After Office 365 Drama Vol. 2 – Hand up, hand down and my very first edition Office 365 Drama Vol. 1 – Team up, the drama is back. The Office 365 drama. I’m super happy to present you guys with the third episode of my Office 365 Drama Comic. If you want to create a custom comic, just reach out. You can also download the full comic for free below as a PDF. Download the full comic Get the high resolution full

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  • XDR versus SIEM

    XDR versus SIEM

    XDR and SIEM. These two terms are often unclear and not everybody is aware of the benefits of these two. That’s why I again partnered up with Sr. Program Manager, Heike Ritter from Microsoft to help you guys bring light into the security darkness. I’m also very happy to present this infographic/poster/one-pager again in German, English, and thanks to André Ruschel in Portuguese as a free download for you guys. This is part of my new series called The Versus, where I try to cover the what, why, how, who, and when. You find all my The Versus graphics like

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  • This is XDR

    This is XDR

    In addition to my new series “The Versus”, I thought it would be a good idea to simplify XDR, SIEM and EDR even more. This is what “This is” I was able to redefine a few wordings here and there, plus also come up with a very clean and modern design for this poster. I would also argue, that this has really some “hanging on the wall” potential. As always you can find the poster in German or English below. If you have an idea or a poster you wish for, let me know and if you want to learn

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