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Last Thursday, I saw a tweet by Matt Wade (Link to Tweet; Link to Matt) talking about converting a mind-map of Microsoft Teams app capabilities into something more appealing. The official article by Microsoft about the Teams app capabilities is here. Matt asked for “talented MS designers”… Well, you guys know, I’m not that talented and not a Microsoft designer, but I am… let’s say sometimes a pain in the **** and for sure passionate about design. So I created one 🙂

Anyway, did I mention, that my brand should make you smile as well?

The feedback was very very good, but it was not perfect as it also had a typo. Long story short, I fixed that and you can now get it here in all it’s glory and high resolution. Just right-click the picture below, open it in a new tab, and from there save it to your PC.

More infographics and more Teams?

The infographic/poster section is evolving more and more. Currently, this dedicated category has over 20 infographics. They even cover 2 comics and of course services like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Forms, Stream, Planner, and many more.

Check out my dedicated page for all those posters/infographics

Typo-free poster – Thanks to Rob Ellis & Evan Curtis

Even more Teams capabilities?

My latest installment is called Microsoft Roadmap Roundup and offers in only 2 minutes every Sunday obviously a roundup of Microsoft’s roadmap. Little Podcast, huge benefit! In other words, fully audio, again no ads, just pure news in a short amount of time. Available everywhere you can listen to podcasts or on my site here.

This was quite some work. Therefore, I hope you guys enjoy it and if you use it somewhere, please mention my site. Above all, stay healthy and see you soon, don’t be afraIT and share this article!

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