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With all the new terms in Microsoft Teams, it is not that easy to remember everything. To help with that, I created an infographic with a few terms. The infographic is not working for everybody, I know that, but I also have a feeling that it is working for many. This whole topic is inspired by the tweet from Laurie Pottmeyer. If you’re not following her, do it now, then come back to the article 😉 The infographic is also available in German as over the last several posts many German-speaking people have noticed my brand. Thank you for that. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Teams City – English Version

A city based on Teams 🙂

I tried to suit most needs with this infographic. It probably won’t work if you are a small company, as you don’t have multiple buildings and still, you have multiple Teams within one building. I get that. But to make the building, the city and everything work, I think this is the best compromise. Do you see it totally different? Let me know in the comments. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Teams, check the official Blog by Microsoft here.

Deutsche Version

Ein kleine Stadt auf Basis von Teams

Eine Stadt aus Teams. Nein, keine Stadt aus Sand und auch keine Schatzinsel 🙂 Schlicht und einfach eine Gedankenstütze für einige wichtige Begriffe in Microsoft Teams. Bist du total unzufrieden mit der Grafik? Schreib es mir unten in die Kommentare.

If this is your first time visiting my brand “afraIT”, thank you for checking it out. You can find infographics, series about Office 365, Security & Compiance, the Modern Workplace, and much more on here. In addition, there is now also a first comic called “Office 365 Drama” available. The Infographic Remote Work Checklist is also available in 9 languages or my top 9 tips for a successful video meeting. Also available in 5 languages, including German and Mundart.

In case you have other ideas or you would like to see my take on something you could need, let me know. Also, you can hit me up on my social media channels or via mail. Don’t be afraIT, right?

Hope you guys enjoy. Stay healthy and see you soon, don’t be afraIT!

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