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This is a huge one! How many of you have tried to get more information in Microsoft Teams? Especially developers are probably now nodding. This is what this article is for. The hidden Microsoft Teams menu / developer mode / debug mode.

UPDATE: The menu has changed. Microsoft changed the elements in the menu. It still exists, but it has not that many elements anymore.

In this hidden menu, you get logs, rollback updates, get the Electron version, zoom in or out, set your status indicator, and even more. One critical note before you find out how to access this menu: The options you will find in this menu are not intended for end-users. This is mainly for Microsoft Support and developers who are aware of what they are doing. Please keep that in mind and don’t blame me, Microsoft, or anyone else if you do something and get issues afterward.

How to get into the menu?

When you started your Microsoft Teams application on your computer, you find the app icon in the taskbar. This example is shown on a Windows PC. If you right-click the icon, you see a context menu with options like Sign outGet logsSettings, and some other options.

You most likely knew that, so let’s stop talking around the actual menu and find out how right?

The hidden menu

Double-click THE APP ICON ,

then right-click in a quick sequence.

the menu will appear!

GIF Adnimation for accessing the hidden Microsoft Teams menu

Sometimes you have to try it multiple times. Do it from your desktop without having the application in the foreground. In case it still won’t work for you, try to click more than twice with your left mouse, like 6 or 7 times, then click once the right mouse. It is interesting as many people are looking for such options, and this is not documented at all. You can find this information on Reddit and some other pages, but it is not included in the official documentation by Microsoft.

More elements of the hidden menu

As you see in the pictures above there are a bunch of options and within some of them, the amount gets even bigger. So let’s take a look at some other options from the selection:

I am not a developer at all, but even I understood the Zoom option. You can see your current setting by selecting Get zoom info, or you zoom in your application, zoom out or reset zoom.

Change your status

You can set your status without the debug / developer menu, no news here, but you can also set your application to a new activityon the phoneno network, or some others.

Even more options

As we now checked many options, let’s continue checking the next four options. Out of those four, the App restart is my favorite. That’s is one I understand what is happening… Above that, you also find another very interesting called Update Rollback. My guess, it does what it says, but I haven’t tried it so far, as I don’t want to destroy my installation 😀

The last 3 options

Okay, let’s finish this off by taking a look at the three last options. One of them is a huge one, and again, I’m not a developer. Therefore, I keep my hands off such things, but for those of you knowing what they do…

Thank you very much, Microsoft, for implementing such a great debug mode. I hope you are okay with sharing this. We are all one Community, right? For those knowing what all those things do, great. For most people, I again can’t emphasize it enough: Don’t do something you don’t know what happens.

I hope this article was helpful for some people out there. Keep in mind that I try to publish new content every Tuesday on my site or social. Until the next one: Don’t be afraIT

PS: If this article was too much “technical”, take a look at my Microsoft Teams category here or jump to my infographics. Those can help for sure!

5 responses to “The hidden Microsoft Teams menu”

  1. Great article about something Microsoft did not even document yet (and yes, I tried google and bing :-P).
    I am playing around since a while on a test environment and it feels good to see someone writing about it.
    In my opinion not too technical at all since the menu is not intended for end-users.

  2. Thank you for this great article and not too technical at all.. You mention that this feature have changed since you wrote this – it sure looks very different to what you show here. Would you be able to refresh the content here to reflect the changes?

    • As there are not too many options anymore, I don’t think a whole explanation is that useful anymore. Would you still like to read that?

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