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Over the weekend I tried again a few new things. I’ve checked out Adobe XD as I used Figma for quite some time now and that evolved into a little logo design project for The Intrazone. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Microsoft is advertising the show like this:

The Intrazone is your bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the SharePoint team. The show highlights usage, adoption, and how SharePoint works for you. You’ll hear from guest experts behind the scenes and out in the field. It’s all about how SharePoint fits into your everyday work life – the goal being to more easily share and manage content, knowledge and applications, and to empower teamwork throughout your organization with the technology you already have. – Source Microsoft

The host’s Mark Kashman and Christopher McNulty had already such cool guests from inside of Microsoft (Jeff Teper, Bill Bear or Vesa Juvonen just to name a few) or other people like Benjamin Niaulin (Head of Product at ShareGate), Martina Grom (CEO of atwork) or Matt Wade (Vice President of H3 Solutions Incorporated). If you want to check it out, just visit their official site.

Surprisingly, the intrazone doesn’t really have its own logo. At least I haven’t found one other than the font itself and the bubbles with the connected lines. If that is the logo, sorry, but you guys could do better. 😉 Maybe one of my ideas is something for you.

Version 1

The Intrazone Logo Concept Version 1The Intrazone Logo Concept Version 1 Animated
Still Logo Concept + Animated Version

Idea behind

As the intrazone is a podcast, you mainly listen to it. That’s clearly the point for the headphones which should represent the new Surface Headphone 2. The bubble and the wave is representing the speech bubble & wave, I know, you have to be creative to see that, but it hey 😉 The wave is moving from right to left, as this the direction of a sound wave if you listen to it. The color is obviously based on the SharePoint color scheme. Regarding the font, there is no real explanation. I just feel that it suits the brand very well. Each letter is uppercase. Modern, futuristic but still minimal. I like this version!

Version 2

Still Logo Concept + Animated Version

Idea behind

For those of you don’t “seeing” the speech wave in the version 1, this one might be better 😉 Again the Surface Headphones are part of this logo concept (they are slightly different than version 1) and the speech wave is an actual representation of “welcome to the intrazone” by Mark Kashman. I used the very first podcast episode and put that into Audacity. From there, the sound wave was retouched in Adobe Illustrator. The animated version speaks for itself, I guess. A continuous podcast. The font is the same as in version 1, but all letters are lowercase. This version is even more minimal and simple. But simple isn’t bad, right?

Version 3

The Intrazone Logo Concept Version 3
Still Logo Concept

Idea behind

Same font, different approach. Probably the playful one out of the three versions. the “i” is replaced by a microphone with the color scheme of SharePoint as well as the “o” is replaced by a speaker, also in SharePoint color scheme. In addition the “writing” below the actual logo should represent a hand drawing by Mark himself. To be honest, probably my least favorite one out of the three, but also not bad. It is just nothing special or unique like version 1 or version 2. Well, anyway… Just my thoughts.

In the past, I mentioned that I am not a designer. I don’t design by principles like the golden circle or such things. I am a tech-person. Started with SharePoint 2010, then 2013, made the switch to Office 365 and always was a sucker for “fancy” looking things. If you want to see more on my site about design, let me know. I’m currently thinking of some “behind the scenes” content, a monthly community call discussing design or product-specific features and discussing questions from the community. Help me with your feedback here.

Until the next article (every Tuesday), check out my infographics or my latest Office 365 Drama Comic. Don’t be afraIT.

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