Talking technology, questions are often similar. What, Why, How, Who & When – Welcome to The Versus

These questions & the main differences get answered with just one infographic in German & English, 100% free and a chance to win. As my podcast is the audio version of quick and fast, fact-based information, The Versus is the visual design-based companion to it.

The Versus available in German and English
Coming soon – Available in German & English

So what is “The Versus” exactly?

Well, you find out soon 😉 but to get a better feeling, there is already one published. XDR versus SIEM. Check that out to see what I have in mind. Also, I am super excited to tell you that you can win something. Yes, I actually partnered up with some great companies to make you smile even more. It gets Elliotastic 😉

When is it starting?

Well, soon… Very soon.

Until then, check out my infographics or even my good old articles about SharePoint 2013, my old series or just follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date and to find out how I started this whole journey. Be aware, some of those articles ain’t pretty 🙂


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