Time to start moving

Skype for Business Online will be retiring on July 31, 2021. Microsoft Teams will be the future, but how do you keep track on the latest updates? Rethink productivity, streamline business processes, and protect the business with Microsoft 365.

What a great sentence right? Just get Microsoft 365 and all your problems are gone like magic 🙂 You probably know that this is not the case and especially if you are using Skype for Business Online. The transition from Skype to Teams is a crazy journey and you need some visability into the roadmap of Microsoft Teams.

I’m glad Microsoft is trying to help us get there as smooth as possible. There are a bunch of information and user adoption material plus also the roadmap.

It is time to start moving… to Microsoft Teams

You can easily check the Microsoft Teams roadmap just by using the link:


If you want to show your management or other people in your company that it is time to start moving, just use my picture above to make people aware of quite a change coming to them. You can also find more infographics on my dedicated page https://afrait.com/infographics

With the following links, Microsoft is helping us with so much information to use and implement Microsoft Teams:

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