Many of you know products like Oculus Rift and overall VR glasses but do you know the difference between VR and AR? In case you answer this question “no” and you want to know the difference, you reached your destination with this “The Versus” infographic.

I’m happy to present this infographic / poster / one-pager in German and English as a free download for you guys.

I highly recommend taking a look into the dedicated “The Versus site” where you find all comparisons so far like XDR versus SIEM, WAF versus SaaS or Blackhat versus Whitehat or AI versus ML. If you want to have a version with your logo, hit me up. Contact

English Edition

VR versus AR English
VR versus AR – English Edition

German Edition

VR versus AR German
VR versus AR – German Edition

Download the VR versus AR infographic

Get the English high-resolution image as free download here and the English PDF edition as free download here.

The German high-resolution image is available as free download here and the German PDF edition is available here.

More knowledge

For now several years, my dedicated infographics are “a thing” on my site. In addition to Blackhat versus Whitehat and SIEM versus XDR it includes the “The new Defender” as well as “Microsoft 365 Defender Guide” for you security guys out there but also Microsoft Teams or SharePoint content is available. Today, this dedicated category has more than 25 infographics. They even cover three comics and of course services like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Forms, Stream, Planner, and many more.

Check out my dedicated page for all those posters/infographics

Stay up-to-date?

Well, then my Microsoft Roadmap Roundup podcast is something for you. In only ~4 minutes, you get a weekly flashback on what happened on Microsoft’s roadmap. Now in season 3 already! Available in German and English here and also everywhere you can listen to podcasts.

That’s it, stay healthy and see you soon at “The Versus”, don’t be afraIT!

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